Timeless by Alicia Olatuja

I've known my friend Alicia for a couple of years by now. I met her working with her equally talented husband Michael Olatuja. Alicia had a big break in 2013 when she sang at Obama's inauguration and consequently was all over the news and was mentioned on The View. 

Listening to her performance gave me goosebumps. She has one of the best voices I've ever heard and apparently President Obama, Vice President Biden and Bill Clinton were impressed as well, since you see them all turn their heads when she starts singing.

I was honored when Alicia asked me to take the pictures for her new album "Timeless". This also  ended up being the last shoot I did before I left New York City.

Please pre-order her album on iTunes and get her amazing cover version of "Human Nature" as instand gratification track. You can find her homepage here.

Go ahead Alicia, get the success you deserve and sing to the world!